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Breathing Matters

Martina Priehodová, Roza Kootstra, Jascha vom Ende, Lorenzo Merico, Gezina Mulder, Mirre van Lenthe, Maja Bojanić, Annet Allers, Thao Do Phuong, Thuy Huynh, Gionata Girardi, Roslyn Schwengle, Danielle Tjon-A-Tsoi, Luísa Vitorino


Off course about: Breath - Voice - Dialogue - Improvisation

In all art forms Breathing Matters, only Performance uses breath in the form itself. I question the materiality of objects and am attracted to making a work in the NOW.

The sparkle and challenge of making a performance in front of an audience creates endless possibilities and new experiences.

Final presentation after 15 classses of performance, done by 14 students from the 2nd and 3rd year of Minerva, Art-Academie in Groningen.

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