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Thuy Huynh

"She is kind. She is enthusiastic. She cares about everybody else. She always try her best to connect people, giving chances for everyone to grow" - what I'll proudly talk about Anet our tutor.

We came to this class BREATHING MATTERS, all strangers, without a clue what we're gonna do next.

I came to this class in hope to improve my presenting skill, and what I get now beyond what I expected.

I delayed my writing until after the last class we have together, but it worth the delay - our last class was beautiful. We sit together, giving opinions, understanding each other, laughing at other people jokes. We had a connection from this class, dare to express our feelings to other people.

All these voices, mouth sounds, actions, emotions - I don't regret applying this class.

It's not just about performances anymore, it's the experiment we got.

Here I am today, Thuy Huynh, confidently speak in front of people althought my English was bad - mostly learned from Breathing Matters.

"Close your eyes, walk around and imagine you're walking on ice"

Jan 21, 2020




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