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Engaged performance

Thao Do Phuong


"In this performance, I was thinking about a performance where the viewers can join me, so together we form the image. I was inspired when I thought about how many young people are victims of mental issues. However, mental health is still considered a taboo to talk about. On one hand, the frustration, anger, sadness, irritation, etc, is expressed through the screams. It is all so intensive, yet still being ignored, only leads to more frustration and negative feelings. On the other hand, the image can also be interpreted as someone who is suffering from mental problems in our digital age. Her head is going crazy with anxiety, paranoia and depression, yet she still looks at her phone to find some memes, some cute videos to laugh about, only to leads to more intensifying insanity going on in her head. It was a short performance, rather like an image, however, I still enjoyed the result afterwards."


*) verplichte velden