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Lorenzo Merico


Swallowing what I should say
I do it with education, a little resentful, tired breathing
I swallow right
I swallow throws of a leaf that helps me, which tell me to give serenity
I swallow the punctuation to touch with my hand letters swallowed by a hand faster than mine
I swallow the chewed words of other mouths that scream louder than mine
I swallow the bad germs because I hope they escape the environment and hide them in my skin
I swallow electric wires that shake my nerves and pulsate between the arteries that are then felt
I swallow wires that twist around my tongue and pull the joint out of my mouth
I swallow soaked words of saliva and thc in an attempt to give them a form that is not like society does not want
I swallow smeared words of other words in inextricable balls of wool
I swallow words but I never stop them and they accumulate in the imperceptible center of the point where the world has nailed them
I swallow but it is as if I never swallowed
I swallow Dionysian orgies to swallow once what is not word
To swallow something that has life inside
To be reborn inside an orgasm

I tore my days

I tore my days to paste them on a sheet of paper
I looked for words in the deepest abyss until I missed oxygen
I designed circles so big that they covered the planet
I spit on the pages of my Life and I recycled to the last piece of paper
to fill it with every meaning, until it was consumed and then disappeared.
I fought at night to get the words out of my neck with dirty hands from
all the people I had touched during the day
I wet my hair and saw letters that drained over my skin and corroded it
I looked for the best words I had to make myself understood by others but it wasn't enough
I lit candles in the dark and waited for them to melt on my thoughts
Then I tore everything up because I didn't have any blank pages to breathe
Then I traveled to look for new blank sheets and found only black ones.
Then I changed the color of my ink
I tried to write black on black in the darkness of my thoughts
And then I tore everything back up again.





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