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we nap

Roslyn Schwengle

week 4. where do you come from

"In Portugal we nap"
When the sun is neither high or low.
When my stomach is full and my heart is content, I lay for a while.
Sometimes I even smile.

The soft breeze that was carried from the coast passes trough my hair as the song of my ancestors play.
Fado always has allot to say.

The beautiful sound of strings from the Portuguese guitar tickles my ear.
I close my eyes and for a while I disappear

week 3. political: Cas di cunucu

Cas di cunucu.

Aruba, our history will live on with the preserved cunucu houses.
The skeletons of the houses will tell a story of how it used to be before the modernization took over our lands
and sadly it's out of our hands.

It will remind us how safe it used to be, sleeping with the doors open without a care
but in this time you can't or else you might get a scare.

It would remind us about a time where you wake up to the sound of singing birds
instead of the noise of busy roads.

It would remind us about how proud we are to be Aruban but like vulutre,
our children will scavenge the last pieces of our culture.

But that's all you will be cas di cunucu, a reminder,
we have lost value to what is important to us and now
we are blinded by greed and it doesn't look like any time soon
that we will be freed.

week 2. tell me about your family:  words spoken like fire

The story of his family, spoken in a a tongue which those infront of him cannot speak.
but this does not matter to me for his expression feels like fire
fire that fills up the entire room and is so hard to miss.
there is power in his voice and strangely enough that power brings an unknown presence that feels familiar.
and for a moment I felt blessed.

week 1. an object:  Microfibres

The fabric is soft and absorbent to clean and avoid scratches in the process.
something so simple and small but is carried wherever the host goes.
"it helps me see."






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