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Maria Luisa Vitorino

The title of this performance is "trying to fit perfectly"

The concept of it is: I made this object trying to understand the difference between metal, card and my body. Manipulating the card in order to get into the metal frame and adjust my body on it while falling on it.
Luisa Vitorino

:"This last months i've been trying to focus and still be free in my choices.
Concentrate but also being active and enthusiastic.
All about a balance between the obligations and the whims.
Even knowing that it's all about presence, i like to have it.
Highs and lows.
Grab the emotions of the surrounding moment.
With no clue of what’s next.
But still planning a little bit of confidence plus energy.
Knowing myself and how i can stand still, still.
This words are making the soup of me and my mind blows into water again."

Instagram: @maria_luisa_fv


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